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tactics n : the branch of military science dealing with detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives set by strategy

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  1. The military science that deals with achieving the objectives set by strategy.
  2. Manoeuvres used against an enemy.
  3. The employment and ordered arrangement of forces in relation to each other.

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action, actions, activity, acts, address, aerial tactics, affectation, air, airborne tactics, applied tactics, approach, armored tactics, arrangement, attack, barrier tactics, bearing, behavior, behavior pattern, behavioral norm, behavioral science, behind-the-scenes influence, blueprint, blueprinting, calculation, carriage, cavalry tactics, charting, comportment, conception, conduct, contrivance, culture pattern, custom, defensive strategy, demeanor, deportment, design, device, devices, disposition, diversion, doing, doings, encirclement, enterprise, envisagement, expedients, feint, figuring, fire tactics, folkway, foresight, forethought, game, gestures, goings-on, graphing, ground plan, guidelines, guise, idea, infantry tactics, infiltration, influence, intention, investment, layout, lineup, long-range plan, machination, maintien, maneuvering, maneuvers, manipulation, manner, manners, mapping, master plan, method, methodology, methods, mien, mob tactics, mobile tactics, modus vivendi, motions, movements, moves, observable behavior, operations research, organization, pattern, pincers movement, plan, planning, planning function, poise, political influence, port, pose, posture, practice, praxis, prearrangement, presence, procedure, proceeding, program, program of action, rationalization, schedule, schema, schematism, schematization, scheme, scheme of arrangement, setup, shock tactics, social science, strategic plan, strategy, style, system, systematization, tactical maneuvers, tactical plan, the big picture, the picture, tone, way, way of life, ways, wire-pulling, working plan
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